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Beyond the Ring is a small family-run Border Collie kennel situated in Wezembeek-Oppem (B).

The name ‘Beyond the Ring’ refers to where I live but also to the very nature of Border Collies. Not only can they excel in the show ring, they prove astounding and wonderful dogs in many other disciplines such as agility or dog dancing in which they form intense and fulfilling bonds with their master. Needless to say they are lovely family dogs.

Since early childhood, dogs have always been part of my life. It was my vet who recommended getting a Border Collie as this breed combined many qualities which matched our lifestyle. The more I read about them and spoke to people I knew owned one, the more interested I became. My first Border Collie, Indy, is the brightest dog I have ever come across. She is a fast learner, has personality, is friendly and very obedient. Two years later, Indy had her first litter and we kept Oddy (because of the odd shaped white square on her head).

Oddy is a beautiful dog, very affectionate and loves being around people. She has great show potential and has done extremely well in the show ring.

Along came Pow in 2016. Pow is Oddy’s daughter and is full of life. She loves everyone and every dog she sees. She’s a pleasure to have around.

I have successfully followed the ‘Initiation course to LOSH breeding’ organised by the Société Royale St Hubert as well as the First Aid Course on Dogs and Cats given by Mobilovet.

Puppies are born and raised within our home and are part of our daily life. As such, particular care is always given to their socialisation. They are exposed to various sounds and introduced to people of all ages.
I strongly encourage new owners to continue this process of socialisation by attending puppy school as soon as they acquire their new pup.

All puppies will be vaccinated, micro-chipped and wormed before they leave us. They will have a European vaccination booklet/Passport.
New owners will receive a ‘puppy manual’ to help them prepare the arrival of their puppy.

Puppies will hold a LOSH (Livre des Origines St Hubert) pedigree.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish further information.